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Konkr’s clever online portal takes care of business so you can spend time doing what you love – training clients.

Discover our no-fuss business support, client management and marketing tools designed to make self-employment easier for Personal Trainers.

Personal Trainers

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For Personal Trainers
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Konkr is a new business, client management, marketing (and much more) business platform designed to help personal trainers focus on what they love…coaching


Making Light Work
of Business Tasks

Running a Personal Training business is full-on. And with clients to train, there’s even less time to tackle tricky tasks like finance and marketing. Konkr business platform will ease the pressure.

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The Konkr Vision

Personal Trainers have an important job. So why are you left to figure the business stuff out yourself? We think you deserve a lot more support.

It’s not fair that you’re overwhelmed by business tasks, finance and tax, marketing, and client management.


Business Support

Let’s get you set up with business insurance, bank accounts, book-keeping, even registering with HMRC. Konkr does it all in one place.

Sales & Marketing Support

Discover tools to create and manage effective social media campaigns, your website, SEO, and email marketing – saving you valuable time.

Client Management

Konkr helps you keep track of client sessions, feedback, programming and check ins. Make your client communications simple and seamless.

Training & Wellbeing

You do a great job of looking after clients. But who’s looking after you? Konkr’s training and support services prioritise your wellbeing and personal development.


Together We Konkr
Business Tasks

Personal Training is unlike any other job in the world. Your qualifications gave you the skills. But who taught you about being self-employed? Konkr is your dedicated business support platform. 

Let Konkr take care of every business task on your to-do list with tools, resources, and expert support.

Finally – everything you need to run your Personal Training business without a headache. Ready to find out how much time you’ll save?


Gain More Clients



Gain More Time



Gain More Profits



Gain More Growth


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 1 month free trial work?

When you sign up for your free trial you will be asked to enter your debit / credit card details. No payment will be taken until 1 month after your sign up date and you will have free use of the GoKonkr platform. If you choose not to continue with your subscription you can cancel at any point before your first payment date.

Can I pay my subscription monthly?

Yes you can! We collect our monthly subscription payments using the online payment platform, Stripe. Please be aware that if you choose to pay your membership annually you get 2 month FREE.

Can I pay my subscription annually?

Yes you can! The great news is that you pay for 10 months and we give you 2 months FREE.